2022 ACA Open Enrollment extended to Jan 15

Open Enrollment for the 2022 Affordable Care Act will start Nov 1, 2021.  The open enrollment period has been extended to end on Jan 15, 2022.   No applications are allowed after the Jan 15 deadline.  In order to have a start date on your policy of January 1, 2022 you must enroll by December 15. 

To Enroll after that date you need to have a life event that gives you a brief period when you can enroll.  To see what exceptions allow you to enroll go to ' Special Exceptions to ACA Enrollment '.

                                               Short-Term Medical Plans

This year some people will be able to enroll in a Short-Term medical plan for the full 12 month 2020 period.  For some people it could save money but the plans have limits some types of coverages and pre-existing conditions.  If you would like a quote on a "Short-Term Medical Program" Click here.  Also you can call us if you have questions about the plans. 



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